Those Who Have Had Rebound Sex Inform Us Why It Rocks !

Those Who Have Had Rebound Sex Inform Us Why It Rocks !

Whenever a lengthy and once-loving relationship finishes, there are many approaches to react to the aftermath of heartbreak: sinking as a despair induced by marathon viewings for the Notebook and An Affair to keep in mind; gaining a post-college form of the freshman fifteen by deciding to endure on cheesecake, Chipotle, and vodka alone; and driving friends and family insane by rehashing every final conversations, e-mail, and text together with your ex again and again.

Or, you’ll proceed with the old adage: the way that is best to obtain over someone is to obtain under someone else.

Rebound sex, which will be loosely considered casual sex that can help you receive through the pain sensation of a breakup, is the greater amount of illicit post-relationship coping apparatus. In the event that you choose hookups over hot fudge sundaes to obtain more than a heartbreak (or, at the very least along with), the very good news is you’re not the only one.

Scientists during the University of Missouri have actually confirmed that rebound intercourse is just a pervasive event. In research of 170 undergrads, 35 % involved with rebound sex within a month of a breakup.

But as the research confirmed that folks have sexual intercourse in try to conquer an ex (duh), it never fully answered whether rebound intercourse is truly helpful or harmful in to the post-breakup recovery process. Is rebound intercourse a psychological crutch, the partnership comparable to processed foods that tastes delicious but makes you slow and ill? Leer más