Do Asian Ladies Have Actually White Fever?

Do Asian Ladies Have Actually White Fever?

What’s Yellowish Fever?

In regards to the movie

Steven is definitely an aging white guy enthusiastic about marrying an Asian girl, dreaming of a passionate wife that is young. Sandy could be the young, feisty, committed Chinese girl he finds online. This engaging documentary follows their tumultuous love tale. MORE

For many years, twice-divorced airport storage attendant Steven was composing to varied females through an on-line dating site that specializes in linking Western guys with Asian ladies. In certain cases, their pursuit may seem like utter dream. He falls for the 24-year-old girl across the Pacific completely through photos and e-mail. Whenever she sooner or later breaks their heart, he satisfies another Chinese girl, 30-year-old Sandy. They become involved, and she flies to bay area to marry him.

Steven and Sandy negotiate cross-cultural differences huddled around Bing Translate while they you will need to communicate despite a massive language barrier. Herself becoming more than an outside observer: Steven and Sandy begin to rely heavily on Lum to bridge the large gap between their two disparate cultures while they attempt to work out the significant bumps in their relationship, filmmaker Debbie Lum finds.

“One time Steven calls me in desperation,” Lum says. “He and Sandy have experienced a huge battle. We rush up to film them — but ver quickly become enlisted as translator utilizing the broken Mandarin I discovered in university. Finding myself caught in the center of their tumultuous life, we commence to see their complicated relationship from a lot of different perspectives.”

Sandy comes to comprehend that both Steven and life in the us are never as perfect as she had anticipated. Leer más