Ex-Con Brought to Light as Wynn Everett Gets Gaming Commission Review

Ex-Con Brought to Light as Wynn Everett Gets Gaming Commission Review

These Massachusetts Minutemen associated with the Revolution didn’t face a tougher battle than Wynn’s Everett Casino seems to against the Gaming Commission

Maybe they ought to create A tv soap opera called ‘As Massachusetts’ Casinos Get Overturned’; the drama never seems to remain in this East Coast state that is struggling to implement legalized land video gaming, and obstacles that are facing every turn, it seems.

Was an Ex-Con Involved?

The episode that is latest gets the now infamously persnickety Massachusetts Gaming Commission with a Dec.16 suitability hearing on the dockets for the brand new feasible Wynn Everett resort, while…wait for it…a federal grand jury and two state agencies are now actually reportedly looking into whether a Wynn land deal for the same project involved a covert felon who allegedly had secret ownership in the previous Monsanto chemical plant site being used for the casino project.

Term is the fact that a former jailbird who did time for both identity theft for their involvement in a brand new York ring and for assault having a dangerous tool could be a ‘secret investor’ in Wynn Everett and may benefit financially if the project achieves Gaming Commission approval. We can simply hear the pillory stockades being lined up now. Stated ex-con is A charles that is certain Lightbody.

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